see you soon

​A couple months back my wife and I went out to a dinner party to celebrate one of her friend’s birthdays. We hadn’t gone out in a little while, so it was a refreshing, albeit somewhat challenging affair. I had forgotten how to mingle. We got there early, which gave us a good chance to

making plans

​Planning is one of the hallmarks of maturity. Going about life without a plan is a fool’s errand. Child’s play. Adults have plans. The world offers so many opportunities. I’m amazed at how much we can accomplish and do and achieve. The potential dwelling in all of us. I map out my life to ensure


When confronted with making a decision between two options, what determines which one we choose? I’ve found that often whenever we’re looking to improve ourselves, improve our lives, the compass that we live by is comfort. What will make my life easier? How can I make more money, lighten my workload, eliminate all the unnecessary


Living life as an airhead is a challenge sometimes. I’m so much in my own head I fumble with the most routine tasks. If only I was more grounded, more rooted in reality, if I just had some common sense, I could be so much more effective. I’ve been delving back into devotionals as of


Whenever I think about how I can mature my perspective on life, I invariably default to the darker aspects of human life. Trying to find a silver lining. Because often these ugly truths are something we avoid at all costs. Yet I’ve found such deep insight in them. Though, this underlies an assumption that the

a reason

This is pretty hard for me to write. I have so many topics lined up to write about, but this past week I’ve just been paralyzed by stress and depression. I’ve been trying to keep a positive mindset amidst everything, I’ve been trying to be productive and tackle my issues head on, but I just