Living life as an airhead is a challenge sometimes. I’m so much in my own head I fumble with the most routine tasks. If only I was more grounded, more rooted in reality, if I just had some common sense, I could be so much more effective.

I’ve been delving back into devotionals as of late, and I stumbled upon the word, poiema, which is a Greek word loosely translated to “masterpiece”. It was used to describe us as human beings. But more specifically, it describes in us a work that only God can create. A work of masterful creativity. Of intent and purpose and completion. And that one word has brought me unbelievable comfort and peace.

poiema (Greek): “masterpiece” – describing a work that only God can do

God created me with my own quirks and capabilities. My flaws are intentional. My struggles are planned. And all of these culminate into a creation that’s perfectly suited for my unique endeavor in glorifying him. I needn’t compare myself to anyone, nor should I be discouraged when I don’t fit certain environments or expectations, or when people fail to appreciate the kind of person I naturally am. Because I know that I am wonderfully made.

The interesting thing to me about knowing that there is a divine creator who created all of us, is that it offers an eternal validation for our individual reality that no competing worldview can offer.

If we’re all just cosmic space dust, random happenstances, products of chance, there’s no objective justification for any way of being over another. If you base worth and value off of effectiveness, or one’s propensity to create or lead, or even just the sheer numbers that you can identify or relate with, there’s no way to effectually conclude that you are created… well. You just happen to work.

The idea that we’re all wonderfully made isn’t a feel-good concept to placate our emotions and trigger validation in us. No, it’s a biblical truth that strengthens us. That pierces through our self-deception and gives clarity. If we struggle to see our purpose, to trust that everything works together beautifully, it’s not because it isn’t true, but because we need to restore our self-perception to how God sees us.

God is the ultimate and perfect creator. Who took time to painstakingly detail every aspect of our being, to write every moment of our existence in time, to paint a wondrous picture of our lives into eternity.

How dope.

March 5, 2020

Josh Swanson